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Susan Hill

Susan has spent more than 30 years as an Adult Education Tutor of Yoga and Complementary Therapies.  During that time she worked with the Metamorphic Technique and trained as a Reflexologist.  Her inner journey included Healing and Reiki and she trained with   Elisabeth Kubler Ross M.D. and Greg Furth PhD.  She spent 11 years working with children in a local Dr. Banardo’s school, teaching yoga relaxation, breathing and using the interpretation of drawings.

Susan studied metaphysics with a variety of teachers including Denise Linn. Shakti Gawain and Gill Edwards.  She became a member of Gill’s Living Magically Franchise group and whilst working there she facilitated successful workshops in Ireland, London and Tunbridge Wells.

She completed a two year shamanic training with Dr. Alberto Villoldo. With her husband David, Susan facilitated several groups to learn the Illumination Healing Process and the Munay Ki based on Inca traditions and Vision Quests based on North American traditions.

Susan has helped a number of people to begin to teach and get their work out into the world.  She lives and loves what she teaches and has an on going commitment to her inner life.

She still teaches Angel Afternoon workshops every year and with David facilitates a programme of Law of Attraction Workshops based on the work of Abraham (Jerry and Esther Hicks).

Susan has packs of affirmation cards available – each pack has 44 affirmation cards for helping to call abundance and prosperity into your life.  Please send a cheque or postal order for £3 with your name and address to:

Susan Hill,

Lymans Bank Farm House,

Gedges Hill,




TN12 7EA

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