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Vision Board Article – Check List

 I have spent time dreaming and brainstorming about my:

 Ideal life
 Perfect business
 Health & wellness goals
 Family and relationships
 Dream client
 My biggest goals

 I have chosen the format for my vision boards

 Physical
 Digital
 App or Website based

 I have gathered the necessary materials

 Magazines and books
 Colored pens or pencils
 Colored paper and ribbons
 Glue and tape
 Poster board or construction paper
 Bulletin board
 Other items

 I have cut out images that speak to me from magazines and books
 I have organized my materials into categories that match my vision boards
 I have created a beautiful vision board that inspires me
 I have posted my new vision boards in a prominent location so I can be inspired by it every day
 I am revisiting my vision board frequently to ensure it still motivates and makes me happy

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